Select a time when the whole family is fed, rested and relaxed.


Select a place - indoor/outdoor where the family loves being a family-could be your living room/a favorite resort/your own garden etc.


Generally, lighter colored clothes suit lighter skinned people and darker clothes suit dark complexioned people. Well, rules are made to be broken. What we advise is that the whole family should be in the same light or dark theme (as much as can be achieved) . All whites/all blacks work smashingly well. Please make an effort to wear clothes that don't make you look like a sack-basically choose an outfit that fits you well.

Avoid complicated patterns/big bold brand logos/slogans on outfits. Children should be able to jump/move freely in their outfits. What you wear need not be the best thing in your wardrobe-it ought to be simple, elegant and most importantly comfortable. Men-formal shirts ought not have creases running down the front. Ironing and hanging on a hangar usually does the trick.


We try hard to engage with children (and pets and some adults too!) but it's ultimately the guardian's responsibility that the children do not wander off/refuse to stay in the shoot/are good humored etc.

By all means have fun during the photo shoot, enjoy the experience, and you will have some wonderful pictures to cherish forever!