Ansel Adams, the father of photography, once said, ' You don't take a photograph, you make it '. We agree. We design, compose, execute and process your pictures with utmost care. The outcome is pictures that reflect your passions and aspirations. All this, done in a location of your choice, combining your emotions with our techniques.


What do you want to portray in your pictures-what outfits would suit this? Casual or posed pictures? How many outfits do you want to don? These are some of the questions we address in our pre shoot meeting with our clients. This is normally done at least a week before the actual shoot-giving us time to prepare/source props etc. for the shoot.


30 minutes before the shoot we set up our lights, backgrounds, props and do some test shots. A shoot normally lasts 2-3 hours (depending on level of preparedness of client with respect to outfit changes, children behaving etc.). We understand that babies and kids may need feeding, changing and some extra Tender Loving Care. We understand and are happy to wait till they are photo-ready. The advantage of the client choosing the locales is that they and especially their babies and kids are most comfortable in the surroundings they live and thrive in. Clients are shown the pictures we are taking to rule out any surprises post-shoot.

Pack up!


Clients are shown all edited pictures from the shoot (including professionally designed layouts and collages). This could be done via the internet or in person. Clients then choose the pictures they want-these pictures are then printed and/or framed for delivery.

Our details are provided in the Contact page. Do get in touch for a very different photography experience.